PHP-Proxy review

Established in 2013, PHP-Proxy is one of proxy websites that designed to be fast and well-formed for internet users. The kind of service held by PHP-Proxy is providing both hidden and seen proxy due to user current needs. Although these two website have very similar name, PHP-Proxy website is different from PHPProxy website, a notable proxy generator that has been discontinued in September 2007 because of its major problem. 

If you are decide to use proxy for your browsing, this article is very important to you because it can give you PHP-Proxy review and user rating based on several users in the internet. The information then can lead you to decide whether you want to start using PHP-Proxy or not.

The code of each proxy is free based on PHP-Proxy review

Each proxy in PHP-Proxy is free to use. Some technician in IT field can also help providing the proxy. This is the advantage of using PHP-Proxy website, the code is free and open source. Advanced help in getting a proxy to do incognito surfing and browsing is also developed through several ways of the website developer. This good side makes one user deliver her PHP-Proxy review in public.

PHP-proxy website

PHP-Proxy review mentions that it has poor popularity

Unlike the other one mentioned in above was PHP-Proxy not familiar in internet users. Even though PHPProxy is already closed today, but it still becomes the popular one. Based on the top search in Google, PHPProxy is more easy to use than PHP-Proxy. This PHP-Proxy review is now explained in the website due to offline maintenance in 2017.

User rating in PHP-Proxy review is fifty-fifty

There are two major user ratings held in the internet and the qualifications of the ratings depend on what people say in the PHP-Proxy review. The users who just get the backwards of course were going to give bad reputation. But there are users that give a good reputation, in which is thump ups image in the web. The current user ratings by good and bad reputation is now gaining fifty-fifty of each choice. This means that people who get the advantages are as same in amount as people who only get the bad side.

Based on current reviews, PHP-Proxy has both good and bad side to be used. To understand about it, you may start using it and give your own opinion because PHP-Proxy review and user ratings are neither always true nor false. Maybe it doesn’t work well with some people, but do a great help for the others. The choice is completely yours after all.