Two reasons Why You Need a VPN

As an internet user, I myself have tried a lot of browsing method which is based on common and usual internet service provider (ISP) and virtual private network (VPN) so that I can give a brief explanation about them both. ISP is an internet service held by communication and technology company which has developed in a lot of country. As I say this, I want to ask you all. Who doesn’t have smart phone and personal computer? Many people have it because it can help them mobilize anywhere and communicate with other people easily. This is the point. So, I’d like to give a simple statement about five reasons why you need a VPN.

First reason of why you need a VPN is because VPN is way better than ISP

There are several ways to connect internet and to browse and surf a lot of information. Both ISP and VPN is a way to do those online activates. If you want common browsing, which is organized by third party, you may choose ISP. Buying and registering in ISP can help us to use internet as well as we can. But, with the limited bandwidth served by ISP and many people are using it too, you may experience some backward such as limited access, low connection, and error in browsing. But, if you use VPN, you can run the internet smoothly and get better connection because all you have is network for yourself. Any disturbance caused by other people or third party can be mineralized and even erased. This is like a dream come true for most people, right?


Second reason why you need a VPN is because VPN has better security

ISP is blocked various type of websites. Sure, you know about it. There are several forbidden websites which cannot be reached if we use ISP. The reasons are varied too. These phenomena happen because ISP is commercial provider which is held by specific company to gain a lot of profit. Some of them even do bad campaign such as free bonus in night time, even people are using internet in daytime mostly. ISP is also peeking at your IP address and locates your current position every time. For those who have high mobilization, they need to feel insecure because all of their activities in internet can be written so easily. By using VPN, this problem never happens. You can enjoy private browsing without worry about logs and histories to be captured by VPN tracker.